Advance works for Golden Square project (Jewellery Quarter)

BCC has reached agreement with the owner of the Big Peg and its immediate frontage, for the release of land allowing the Golden Square project to progress to contract stage.  Advance works will take place on Sunday, 7 April 2013 to remove the existing trees on the Big Peg car park area.  The work is being carried out on Sunday to avoid disruption to local businesses.  A specialist contractor has been engaged through the City’s Parks and Nature Conservation Department to carry out the work.

The trees are being taken down to avoid delays due to the bird-nesting season.  The tree removal has received planning approval as part of the overall permission with the condition that over 20 trees of mixed species are planted around the Golden Square as part of the construction contract.

It is anticipated that work will start on site in the summer of 2013 and be completed before Christmas.

Further information will be available in due course.