Birmingham Development Plan


The Birmingham Development Plan will set out the statutory planning framework to guide decisions on development and regeneration in Birmingham until 2031. It will set out how and where the homes, jobs, services and infrastructure will be delivered and the type of places and environments we want to create in Birmingham.

By 2031, Birmingham’s population is projected to grow by 150,000. This level of growth, based on recent trends, is greater than previously considered and presents a challenge for planning the future homes and jobs the City needs.

If Birmingham is to achieve its ambitions and prosper, it will be vital that a positive and proactive approach is taken to plan for these homes and jobs in the most sustainable and deliverable way possible.

There have been a number of previous rounds of consultation on the Plan and a detailed evidence base has been assembled.

Based on this, the Pre-submission version of the Plan has now been prepared.

You can read or download a pdf version of the Plan via the download page http//