Birmingham City Centre Enterprise Zone

In April 2011 the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) chose Birmingham City Centre as the location for its first Enterprise Zone. The City Centre Enterprise Zone (EZ) comprises 26 sites across the City Centre, in 7 clusters identified as offering significant growth opportunities.

The EZ responds to the vision to create and support a globally competitive knowledge economy, the natural home for Europe’s entrepreneurs and wealth creators with an enterprise culture supported by investment in infrastructure.

Focusing on key sectoral strengths, including professional and financial services, digital media, ICT and the creative industries, the EZ provides opportunities for 700,000 sq.m of new office floorspace and 600,000 sq.m of new leisure, recreation and commercial floorspace.

The EZ has been developed to implement the vision set out in the Big City Plan to support the accelerated delivery of growth in the City Centre with a range of incentives on offer including simplified planning, digital infrastructure, business support and investment in infrastructure.

The Prospectus provides an overview of each site within the EZ and sets out the range of incentives on offer to support businessess and help site development.

To find out more about the Enterprise Zone offer for businesses and investors

Information on the Site Development and Access Fund can be found here and-access-fund